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We deliver custom security solutions for today’s key decision makers

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Our products and services are intended to enhance your company’s strategic vision and increase your competitive advantage.

Comprehensive Solutions

PyroCom Systems offers end-to-end physical security and IT solutions, catering to today's decision-makers. From life safety to intrusion detection, surveillance, and access control, we specialize in installing cutting-edge technology solutions in diverse settings such as schools, hospitals, businesses, military installations, universities, industrial complexes, and residential homes.

Customized Security Approach

At PyroCom, we understand that security needs are unique to each individual. As a fully integrated security systems company, we connect all aspects of your security to create a tailor-made solution. With our commitment to providing custom-fit systems, no two security setups are identical, ensuring that your safety requirements are met precisely.

Unparalleled Support

Our dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond installation. PyroCom Systems offers 24/7 technical support and dispatching services. Whether troubleshooting issues, providing IT support, or adjusting security aspects, we are just a phone call away. Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and experience the PyroCom difference.

Tailored Solutions,
Expert Support

PyroCom Systems, since 1997, delivers products and services tailored to enhance your company's strategic vision and gain a competitive advantage. We specialize in installing life safety, intrusion detection, surveillance, access control systems, and technology solutions in various settings. As a fully integrated security systems company, we prioritize personalized security by offering custom-fit solutions to meet your exact needs. With round-the-clock dispatching and technical support, PyroCom ensures your security remains seamless and responsive. Reach out to us today for a complimentary consultation, where we can help optimize your safety with no cost or obligation.

Call us today for a no cost, no obligation consultation.

Security Pioneers at the Helm

Management Team

At PyroCom, our team's vast industry experience sets us apart. Partner with us for unmatched security and information technology solutions that redefine excellence in the region.

M. Scott Adkins

President and CEO

Craig Adkins

Executive Vice-President

Isaac Solis

Executive Vice-President

Angie Duron

VP of Finance

Sharon Robinet

VP of Sales

Josh Luttrell

VP of Systems

Angel Blancheth

Director of Systems Design

Carlos Garcia

Director of Security Operations

Oscar Mendoza

Director of Security Technologies

Lorena Casillas

Director of Finance

Monica Hermida

Service Manager

Tito Ferrera

Federal Sales Manager

Ron McCollum

Project Manager

Heriberto Romero

Project Manager

Justin Bass

Project Manager

Manny Ochoa

Project Manager

Robert Farah

Senior Consultant

Joe Caterina

Project Manager

Erik Morales

Security Consultant

Cosme E. Garcia

Sales Consultant

Jon Boggs

Security Consultant

Freddy Garcia

Security Consultant

Michael Brink

Sales Engineer